I was not in a good mood, had a busy day, did not want any discomfort or hassle. Dr Toschi and his staff did a pretty good job at addressing all my issues and while I did not enjoy my dental experience- who does - I had no discomfort from start to finish and was able to go out that night and enjoy Monday Night football with my son, have a beer, eat food with no pain and not drool. Thanks Guys.

John M.
Sep 2017

I was very pleased with my recent appointment with Dr. Johnson. Cindy and Erica were also very helpful in my treatment at my last visit. Having a new crown made and having the noise of the drilling is never pleasant but the office staff is very thoughtful and sensitive to my comfort. It was much appreciated.

Loretta A.
Oct 2016

Dr. Toschi and team are wonderful. Bonnie is the best dental hygienist ever! I just had my semi-annual visit and my teeth as sparkling clean. They use modern tools and devices such as ultrasonic plaque removal and digital x-rays, making your visit that much more pleasant. Dr. Toschi has corrected some old dental work of mine flawlessly and was able to mill replacement crowns in his office. No temporary crowns needed! I'm a professional that works way too many hours, limiting my office visits is a must for me. Their office also opens early, so I can make my appointment before heading into the office.

Jill B.
Aug 2016

Diane is a wonderful dental hygienist! Very careful, gentle and thorough. And Dr. Toschi has been taking very good care of my teeth which I very much appreciate - from helping me correct my bite to identifying possible cavities to look after. I'm so glad that Dr. Toschi was the successor dentist to Dr. Patrick!

Paula B.
Aug 2016

The scheduling was easy. The Tech who cleaned my teeth was professional. Dr. Toschi was thorough in his summary of my visit. I felt he answered all my questions.

Jim H.
Aug 2016

I have been with Dr. Toschi for many years, he is the best dentist I have ever used, he is knowledgeable and always recommends the best care for my situation.

Rose B.
Aug 2016

Bonny is pleasant, personable and she REALLY cares for her patients and getting their teeth perfectly clean. She has a keen awareness of issues that may impact your oral health and always brings them to the Dr Toschi's attention.

Elaine G.
Jul 2016

I hate going to the dentist, but Dr. Toschi is the best and I never feel nervous or wonder what they are doing. He explains the process and makes me feel at ease. Great Staff and assistants! I always refer patients to him!

Pandora D.
Jul 2016

Staff is amazingly friendly. Cindy is my favorite! Dr. Toschi was a little bit late, but got the tooth fixed and I was on my way in about 30 minutes. His office has always done exceptionally good work from getting my teeth cleaned (Bonnie is awesome!) to root canals and crowns (Oh, how I dread them!).

Cathy W.
Jul 2016

I was referred to Dr. Toschi years ago and loved the whole team from day one. He's not the least expensive dentist but you get what you pay for. His hygenist really helped get my gums back in shape and up until I had a baby and changed jobs my teeth were pretty perfect! Due to an insurance change I stopped going for a few years and at my check up with another dentist they told me I needed two crowns! Terrified I went back to dr t and was told I just needed fillings.

E L.
Sep 2015

I've been a patient of Dr. Toschi's for about 10 years now. I've found his service to be highly skilled, very competent, and well run. In general my teeth are in pretty good shape, with much of the credit going to his care. Most of my interaction with him is at my 6-month cleaning appointments. After the hygienist has done her thing, the doctor will examine me and discuss any issues or potential issues. Most of the time, the issues are "let's keep an eye on this tooth", or "there's an old filling that probably should be replaced at some point".

Jeff H.
Jun 2012

My mom and I both go to Dr. Toschi, and he is great! He has large hands that aren't necessarily the most gentle when he's putting in a crown, but the work is always amazing. He's a perfectionist, and will work until your bite is better than when you came in. I've had a few cavities filled here (and a crown done) and not a single one has hurt more than two years later. I've always had sensitive teeth and sensitive fillings, but not from here. Dr. Toschi is great!

Darcy K.
Sep 2009

I've been going to Dr. Toschi's office since my last dentist retired...nearly 10 years now I believe. They've always been great. The Doc once spotted a minor collision in my teeth and a few minutes later I had a bite that I didn't know I could have it was so even! His staff are great, very accommodating. Bonnie and the other techs who do cleanings and support the Doc are all the best I've ever had. Our whole family still goes to Dr. Toschi (two in HS) even though we moved out of the valley seven years ago. He's worth the drive. We always have a clear treatment plan and he's worked with multiple insurance carriers--never a problem there.

Chris M.
Apr 2008

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